1,000 lb man

1,000 lb man

I watched a t.v. show not long ago about a man that weighed 1,000 lbs you might
have seen the same show. My question is at what point do you feel you are getting
fat at 400 lbs, 500lbs, 800lbs or is it that you can’t leave the house; or you no long
can get out of bed.

I really don’t have sympathy for these people. They did it and their families helped.

For breakfast this guy was eating 18 eggs a pound of bacon and loaf of bread and the
list goes on. Suicide is illegal but over feeding someone who can’t get out of bed is not.

First of all, if his family loved him they would have stopped feeding him when he was
confined to his bed. What were they worried about? He wasn’t going to get up and chase
them, all he could do was scream and complain. Hey, just close the door.

This is mean but not as his family feeding him a slowly killing him, not to mention
the embarrassment of not being able to walk though a door and having a crane
carry you away.

These people want people to feel sorry for them. They can’t work, they can’t support
their families so why should I feel sorry for this man who did this to himself.

I went to the grocery store today had to pick up some bananas,apples,oranges.
Have you ever watched other people shop? While standing in line I watched
a young lady buy her fruits and vegetables and a 12 pack of coke.

This amaze’s me. Not that I don’t eat junk once in a while but for most men and
women doing this just defeats the purpose of healthy eating. I eat the best I can
most of the time some times I like a piece of cake maybe two; but I’m aware
what I’m doing.

I think that one of the biggest problems is that most people will never admit
that they have a problem with food. Food is used as a comfort food. Food is
used for social events.

Very few people can just walk away from food. We need to stay aware of the food
we are eating if we don’t it will soon get away from you.

When you become as wide as you are tall it may be time to seek help. The help
is out there,so get if you need it.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube



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  2. Wow, judgmental much? Its none of your business to look into other people’s carts and self righteousness to feel superior to them because of your estimation of said carts’ contents!

  3. Hey Kristen I can do what I want, this is a free country! People that are fat
    and don’t care about themselves are no better than an alcoholic. I feel no
    compassion for anyone that has no compassion for themselves.

    Should I feel bad for the heroin addict? Or the alcoholic? I don’t they
    caused this. People like this are selfish, they only care about themselves.
    Living a dirty lifestyle affects the whole family.

    I have compassion for people that deserve it, to bad if you don’t like
    it. You felt the need to reply and I replied back!

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