1,000 Sumo Squats and a 35lb Rock

Training for physical and mental toughness is tough! Most people have no idea why they train and
what their goal is. With no goal you will never get results, because you will be switching from one
workout to another never being satisfied because you have no idea of what you are after.

I focus on very few exercises, over the years I have simplified my training so that I can get the
fastest possible results in the shortest possible time.

I did one exercise today and went all out. The workout was 1,000 sumo squats holding a 35lb
rock down in front of me in 41:58 they tough part is to hold the weight the whole workout with
out putting it down. If you put it down workout is down. If you don’t think 1,000 sumo squats
holding a 35 lb rock is tough try it holding a 35lb dumbell or 35lb sand bag.

It was very tough to complete, it was the most I ever did holding any weight.


Try to push past the pain and your limits and see what you can do!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube




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