10,000 Burpees a Month

So how much is to much? Listen to the experts and they will tell what you are capable of.

Over time I have become more hardened when it comes to my training, my training now
is no comparison  to the way I trained with heavy weights.

I no longer seek out the information of men or trainers that haven’t done any great
things or push their body beyond their own limits.

Over the last 34 years of training I have changed my training philosophy many times
and can’t believe what I have found out. Most things out there are bullshit.

Pick up any fitness magazine and look what everyone is doing and find something
else to do, all the greatest gains came from little known sources from the forgotten
ages of fitness.

These are done without the pushup

Anyhow my new experiment is doing 2,500 Push up Burpees a week and 10,000
a month for 2 months for a total of 20,000 burpees . Monday through Thursday 250
Fri, Sat and Sun 500 it is tougher than it sounds.

For most people they have no idea how difficult it is, and others have no idea
the way this exercise stimulates the body. Saturday did 250 regular Pushup
burpees and the last 250 Pushup Burpees were done jumping on to 12″ stools
which makes it even harder.

Today did 500 step ups on 15″ bench and 500 Pushup Burpees in 1 : 17
used a deck of cards went through them 2 1/2 times to get 500 of each
red cards were step ups black cards were Pushup Burpees

This will build a physically and mentally tough person!

Tough workout!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. The conditioning that you have developed is amazing. What’s great about your routines is that you have so many to choose from, totally eliminating boredom. If you can do so many pushup burpees, then regular pushups of high numbers is child’s play for you. Great post.

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