110 Superman Pushups Wearing a 25 lb Back Pack

Total body strength is more valuable than isolation training, for most of
real life. I no longer care about size only total body strength.

You can have a 400 lb bench press and still be thrown around be a man
has more workable strength through out his body.

The Superman pushup is a total body builder, everything has got to be
working to get off the ground, the bench press can be done with no legs.

The 110 was the most I ever did and I haven’t done then in probably six
months or more, so my basic training is still paying off physically and

Strength From The Inside Out!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    FUCK YEA!!!!!!

  2. My man Brooklyn Chuck!

  3. You’re sure damn strong man. I can only do 2 of them.

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