Fitness standards

Fitness standards

The other day I was reading an article on what one fitness expert thought you should be able to do to be considered physically fit:

  • If you can do 40 to 50 pushups in 2 minutes you are in excellent shape.
  • If you can do bodyweight squats 30 to 34 times your leg strength is average, if you can get close to 45 your leg strength is excellent.

40 to 50 pushups should only take 40 to 50 seconds- thats 1 second a pushup as far as bodyweight squats go they will take longer because you have a farther distance to cover, however you should be able to do at least 80 in 2 minutes to be average.

So why has our standards of physical fitness dropped ? because more and more people are fat and out of shape and this will never change until people start to take responsibility and stop making excuses for their laziness.

John Grube

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