A great workout for under $5.00

A great workout for under $5.00

The one piece of execise equipment you shouldn’t be with out, is a jump rope, this is one of the least used piece’s of exercise equipment, and one of the most result producingfor under $5.00
( unless your mark $9.00 )

Most people would rather go out for a jog, why? because what we have all been told, running long distance will burn more fat, this is a myth- jumping rope for shorter periods of time will benefit you more and save you more time.

Jumping rope will improve:

  1. Speed
  2. Quickness
  3. Agility
  4. Explosiveness

Most people won’t jump because they think that they are uncoordinated or it is to demanding and they are probably right, people who would rather complain then try will never be able to do it.

If they took a little time and practice they would find that they could use rope jumping training to improve their fitness levels and save time in their already busy lives.

Train Hard and Never Give up !!

John Grube


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