Is lifting weights the best way to get physically fit?

Is lifting weights the best way to get physically fit?

NO! lifting weights is not the best and fastest way to total physical fitness, despite what we have been told or read in magazines- lifting heavy weights could be dangerous in the long run, if 400lb benchpress or a 500 lb squat is your idea of physical fitness then you have alot to learn about true physical fitness.

True physical fitness is having muscular endurance, being strong, fast, quick, explosive, balanced, flexible, also training the anaerobic, aerobic systems all at one time.

This can be done anytime, anywhere and it can be done without the use of any weights what so ever, and the reason most train with weights is that it is far easier then training with your own bodyweight.

Bodyweight training is the key to becoming a wrecking machine in record time.

Try this quick but intense workout and see how you match up:

  • 20 burpees
  • 10 hindu pushups
  • 50 jumping jacksrepeat this 5 times non-stop

    Finish off with 100 bodyweight squats

Train hard and never give up!

John Grube

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