Obesity a disease, are you kidding me?

Obesity a disease, are you kidding me?

Obesity is now a disease, can you believe it ? More and more people are just plain old fat and sloppy, and they don’t take pride in themselves. Why? Because most are lazy people and they would rather blame someone else or society for their overweight problem.

Instead of changing the way they eat or becoming a little more active they will give you a hundred excuses why they are fat.

So because these people that are out of shape and fat, we now want to classify obesity a disease, why now is obesity a disease, and it wasn’t ten years ago?

Hey fat ASSES did you ever here about responsibility ? How about getting up from the table before you eat a side of beef or devour the whole cake for desert, or maybe your afraid that if you do get up to walk away you may burn a calorie, maybe you will pull a muscle I don’t know but don’t blame others because your fat, take responsibility.

Here’s how you know if your too fat:

  1. When you go into store and you have to ride a scooter.
  2. You go into a restaurant and you actually take up two chairs.
  3. You go into a fast food restaurant and everyone stares at you.
  4. You waddle when you walk.
  5. The slightest movement makes you sweat.
  6. The lightest activities have you sucking air.

John Grube


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