Want to become a better athlete – train explosive

Want to become a better athlete – train explosive

Almost every person that goes to the gym thinks
that they are athletic, this is just not the case.

Going to the gym running on a treadmill does not
equal total fitness neither does having a big
bench press.

So many people are under the impression that the
gym will make the total athlete. WRONG!
The way you become the total athlete is to train
to be an athlete, want to be strong train with
heavy resistance.

If a sprinter trains for long distance his speed
will not improve, he has to work sprints.
So many people train to slow, thinking slower is
better.In some case this may be true, however
if you train slow you will become slow,if you want
to be fast train for speed, want to become explosive
train explosive.

Every sport has some kind of explosive movement
whether you sprinting in football, swing a baseball
bat,jumping on the basketball court all require
explosive training.

Almost all movements done on a daily basis are some
kind of explosive movement.
People don’t bend over slow for a 10 count, they bend
fast, and usually will hurt their back from this simple

Bodyweight training is all you need to become physically fit
in record time.

Bodyweight training works the body from different angles
and will work the whole body in less time.

So before you train slow all the time, think do you want
to be slow or fast

John Grube

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