Fat people are at it again.

Fat people are at it again.

I just heard that because of the obesity problem
the government is going to start controlling everyone’s
portions when ever we go out to eat I thought this was
a free country.

But, because the fat people choose to be lazy, we suffer
why should people that are thin, or physically active suffer,
let the fat suffer.

Put a scale in the restaurants and weight the fat people or
don’t let fat people in all-you-can-eat buffets.

These fat people know their fat and they won’t do anything
about it so now other people have to suffer.

We are supposed to be adults not little kids so why should
someone monitor eating habits of anyone.

If the fat want to eat themselves to death let them, they know
what needs to be done.

If they don’t have enough respect for themselves and their
bodies why should we.

If they would just keep their mouth shut then the obesity rate
would drop, try a little exercise it won’t hurt, but I guess that’s
not going to happen.

John Grube

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