Thoughts Shape our Lives

Thoughts Shape our Lives

Negative thoughts are the reason people never acquire
what they truly want out of life, if you are in constant
doubt you will have a real problem acquiring the things
in life that will give you joy, and we are supposed to live
in joy.

We live with thoughts – thoughts shape our lives
and until we can learn to control our thoughts we will
always have struggles and live lives that everyone
else wants us to live.

We should be able to live life on our own terms- not
someone else’s it’s our life not someone else’s.

Why should we be told what kind of life we should live,
what kind of job we should have- after all it is your life.
Do the the things that give you joy and you will start
to realize that doing the things that make you happy
you will in turn be able to make the people around you

Also take time to do the things you love- make time for
yourself, this is important as long as you are taking care
of the business at hand you should not worry about what
anyone else says.

If you are not happy with your present lifestyle do things
to improve it- if you don’t like your job, change it- if you
need to exercise to become healthy and fit – do it, if you
you want to spend more time with your family, make the
time, you control you.

Johnny G

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