Strip away the fat with burpees

Strip away the fat with burpees

Do you want to strip away the body fat try burpees.
Burpees are some kind of sick result producing exercise
that will strip the fat away, if you can manage to them.

Burpees will get the job done, they will burn fat like no
other exercise, they will make you into a fat burning machine.

Burpees are extremely demanding and are not for the weak,
they will produce great results if done on a regular basis, but
because of the intensity people will quickly abandon these
monsters because this kind of toutre is not worth it.

Burpees done with or without a pushup are hard either way,
if you are going to do burpees you better be ready physically
and mentally or you will quickly give these up in search for
less demanding exercise.

I believe in short, intense, explosive types of exercise for
overall fitness, health, fat burning and athletism.

However, most people will not train in this fashion because
it is just too hard, and unless you are in shape you should be
careful when exercising too intense you don’t want to become

But, if you want too become a fat burning machine do burpees
and you will strip away the fat from the whole body in record time.

For the people that are not sure what a burpee is:

Start in a standing postion- squat down- put hands on floor-
kick your legs back- ( you are in a pushup position ) bring them
back to the chest- stand up- and jump

This 1 rep continue until you are tired.

Johnny G

John Grube is an expert on the subject of bodyweighttraining.
He also has 25+ years of training experienceand is the author
of The Wildman Training Program manual.For more info

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