Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is the best method for getting into
shape in record time, despite what the so called experts

Being a hard-core weight trainer my whole life, trying
every super bodybuilders training program, I thought
that I would get huge training this way- WRONG!

I did get strong, but was missing all the real componets
of true physical fitness, and it wasn’t until I started too
really put bodyweight training to the test that I got the
results I was searching for along.

The results were incredible, and bodyweight training was
harder than any weight training session that I was ever
involved in.

I was doing things physically and mentally that I was never
able to do, training with weights, this was a wake up call.

If you think that bodyweight training will limit you, I can
tell you that you are only limited by your own mind.

Weight trainers can’t do my workouts- at first, if a 300Lb
bench press is your goal, lift weights, if total physical fitness
is your goal nothing will beat bodyweight training.

Johnny G


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