The bench press is overrated

The bench press is overrated

The bench press is not how we measure physical fitness
the bench press measures the amount of weight you can push
off your chest, and that’s it.

So if you want to bench press…that’s o.k. go ahead, but don’t
kid yourself into thinking you are physically fit-your not, we
have all been sucked in with this exercise, this is what these
suck-ass fitness magazines want us to believe.

True physical fitness is being well rounded, someone that can
do anything that needs to be done without getting tired, someone
that can do whatever comes his way, running, jumping, climbing,
playing sports whatever.

People today are so pathetic, and so physically weak that they
should be ashamed of themselves and if the bench press is todays
measure of physical fitness then we are kidding ourselves.

If you want bad shoulders, elbows, back, go ahead and train the
bench press if you want total physical fitness train with your
bodyweight, if your strong enough.

Train hard,

Johnny G

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