40 years old- is over the hill!!!

40 years old- is over the hill!!!

This is what I here almost everyday
I’m getting old or I’m to old for

You know who say things like that
fat, sloppy, excuse making, weak

These excuse making men don’t have
a bit of self respect for themselves,
these same men only care about their
cars, houses, whatever- and still live in
a nasty, weak, fat body.

They rather make an excuse as to why
they are overweight then do anything
about it.

These so called men are weak, and weak
minded and until they get out of their
minds that they are to old and do
something about it, they will remain weak.

Men are supposed to be fit and athletic, not
fat and slow, if they would just take alittle
time and learn that a simple bodyweight
circuit would make a world of difference.

But… who am I kidding, they will still just
remain fat and slow.

Johnny G

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