Pushup Power – Real Strength

Pushup Power – Real Strength

Listen up, if you think you can’t get strong or
explosive doing pushups, your crazy.

If you listen to all the media or the so called
athletes you may believe that the bench press
is better than the pushup.

The truth is that you will use more muscles doing
pushups than you will doing bench presses.

The bench press has limits- the pushup has no limits,
there are so many different types of pushups that can
be done- and most people don’t have a clue.

If you can do over 100 pushups in a row, that is
excellent, and you have great muscular endurance, but
to build strength you will have to work a little different.

You need to do pushups that are very challenging, pushups
that will keep the reps low, like one arm pushups, handstand
pushups, feet elevated one arm pushups, deck one arm
pushups, etc.

And I’m not talking about one arm twisting your body or
having your body in the shape of the letter Y pushups these
types are easy.

I’m talking about legs close together and no twisting of the
body or crossing one leg and doing one arm pushups.

These are not for weak men, but for the strong.

Here is a version you could try:

Get a phone book, now lay down on your stomach.
Now place the phone book under the hand you are
going to do the pushup with- now from the ground
push as hard as you can, keeping your body straight
this is 1 rep try several sets of 3 to 5 sets.

Train Hard,

Johnny G


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