Johnny Grube Doing a 2 finger superman pushup!!!

Johnny Grube Doing a 2 finger superman pushup!!!

If you want to get into great shape than you need to try
bodyweight training, it will get you into shape in record time.

The gym is not the answer, if you are looking for slow results than
the gym is for you, if you are looking for fast results you owe it to
yourself to try bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training will whip you into tremendous shape…

fast, and you will feel the difference, you will know you had
a workout.Don’t listen to everything you hear, try it for yourself and

tell me that Bodyweight training isn’t the ass kicker I told
you it is.Johnny G

John Grube is an expert on the subject of bodyweight
He has over 25 years of training experience
and is the author of The Wildman Training Program
manual , The New Expanded version The Wildman
Training Course and The Super Strength Playground
Training Manual.For more info

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