Bodyweight Training makes the whole body strong !!!!

Bodyweight Training makes the whole body strong !!!!

As you may already know that I love Bodyweight Training,
because of what can be accomplished using your own body
as resistance.
For years I lifted real heavy weights and was

really strong

I thought, then I made a discovery I was strong but I was
not physically fit.
Being strong for lifting weights and being physically fit is
two different things and I found that if I couldn’t handle
my own bodyweight, How could this be I could bench press
over 350lbs but couldn’t get out of my own way.
There was one bodyweight exercise that I seen in the weight
room in high school was the wheel rollout, in great shape in
high school I couldn’t do it, and I never tried it again.
20 years later and after using only bodyweight training I
found the old wheel again, and would you believe I did it
and it was 20 years since I last tried it.
Bodyweight Training has made my whole body strong
where as lifting weights makes certain areas of the body
I want total physical fitness not pretty can’t help you out

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