Here’s a tough 10 minute workout

Here’s a tough 10 minute workout
Johnny G Doing swing pullups





The weather is getting a little better out and we
should get out and start using what we have around
us for a great workout instead of making excuses.

A great place to train is in your own backyard, an open
field, ( football, soccer )this is where the real training
begins, you don’t or never have needed anything special
to get a great strength building or fat burning workouts.

In your local neighborhood there is something you can use
that will build physical fitness and burn a ton of fat –

The playground is not for kids it’s for the person that loves
Hard-core fitness, if you just used your imagination you
could see the great benefits.

In the Playground manual the exercises you see would blow
your mind, they are hard result producing workouts that
will leave you wishing that you weren’t sick enough to do
these types of workouts.

A simple quick workout you could try:

1. Chinup bar, monkey bars, anything you can do
pullups or chinups on.

2. A Pop-up ( a non jumping burpee ) with a pushup-
squat down – put your hands on the ground kick back
into a pushup position- at the same time you kick your
legs back you do the pushup- bring your knees back under your
chest and stand up.

What you need to do is stand under the chinup bar and do a
Pop-up, then stand up -as soon as you stand up you do 1
pullup – drop off the bar and do a Pop-up.

1 Pop-up 1 pullup sounds easy try this with no rest for 10 minutes.

Johnny Grube

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