Wildman Training not complete!!!

Wildman Training not complete!!!





Bald Eagle State Park, Howard PA
I always am talking about training as many
different ways as possible, but train with what
you got.

This weekend I spent 3 days lake swimming and this
is a great exercise, I grew up lake swimming and always
always had a great time, and I’m having a great time

I should be moving to this area this year and I will be adding
lake swimming to complete the wildman workout, wildman

I spent time training on land, then hit the lake to finish off
my workout and it was brutal, I spent time doing laps, breast
strokes, underwater swimming, regular swimming, treading
water, throwing underwater punches and upper cuts anything
to get in a great workout.

If you get the chance swim, if you can’t swim you can still get
in a workout, throwing underwater punches and treading water
and that will give you a great workout, try it

Later I will give some workouts Ido in the mountains training
in the mountains it makes me feel like a wildman.


Train Hard,

Johnny G

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