Isometric training will build strength!!!

Isometric training will build strength!!!


Johnny G doing a 1 arm isometric tree hold
For years isometric training has built

a great deal of strength, yet only a few
will use isometrics as part of their workouts.

I will use isometric training when I need to mix
it up a bit and to build a different type of strength.

Most training is full range training and this is the
way everyone trains, this way the muscle works
through a full range and will strengthen the muscle

If anybody has reached a sticking point in their training
you know that there is a position in a lift that you will
be weaker, for instance in the bench press the weakest
point is off the chest, for years strong men used isometrics
to push through these sticking points.

In the above picture I’m doing a isometric exercise I made
up to strengthen the body at one time, you have to keep
everything tight or you will slide down the tree or when you
try to use 1 arm you will probably fall.

Notice how straight the body is, try doing this for time 10 to
15 seconds then repeat using the other arm.

If your body sags you aren’t doing the exercise right and your
body isn’t working as one.

Train Hard,
Johnny G

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