Why are we still fat ?

Why are we still fat ?

Have you ever wondered why everybody today is
getting sick and why more people are getting disease,
could it be the food or could it be lack of activity ?

Does anybody really know or do people want us sick
like the food industries or the medical industries, is it
for medical revenue ? Everyone has their own opinion,
I will give you mine.

Today more people are on low-fat diets then ever
before and they are still fat, more people buy more and
more diet books and are still fat, more and more people
take vitamins and fat burners and are still fat, more and
more people buy T.V. infomercial exercise equipment
and DVD’s and are still fat.

There are more people joining gyms then ever before and
people are still fat, go to any produce stand and notice how
fat the people are, if they eat fruits and vegetables all the
time why are they still fat ?

So if we eat right and exercise why are we fat? Most people
put on a show they really don’t eat this way and they only
don’t exercise enough, it takes more- we have to remain
as active as possible.

A big reason is what we are told about exercise and food,
we are told eat lots of fruits of vegetables and exercise and
all will be well, but we know that’s not the case.

We are told to lift weights and jog, this type of training will
not work for long your body will adapt to this type of training,
the results will become slower and slower and will soon stop,
causing you to get pissed off and causing you to give up.

Until later, Train Hard,



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