Wildman Training not for everyone.

Wildman Training not for everyone.

I believe everyone should get plenty of exercise
whether you walk, ride your bike or playing with
the kids, you just need to exercise.

Wildman Training isn’t for everyone and neither
is the lifestyle, it’s tough and it’s for people that
want the most out of life.

But you don’t have to train like a wildman to
get what you want, but you need to be tough.

I train this way because when I train this way
everything else is easy, training hard and pushing
yourself not only will get you fit physically but also

Training hard keeps you focused at the task at hand
you need to focus to get through it.

Focus and concentration is what is needed to be
successful in anything that you do, if you spread
yourself to thin nothing gets done.

When you exercise do what you enjoy but do
something, don’t think that you can exercise
when you feel like it, you need it everyday.

Get active and start living, just do something
everyday, this is how you build a habit, exercise
is a good habit.

Train Hard,

Johnny G


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