Stop making excuses.

Stop making excuses.

If you are always making excuses about
your training you will get those types of

If you are serious about training you will
always find the time to train even if you
did just 50 pushups.

If you would find time to train everyday
you would continue to get results, it’s
about doing something everyday that’s
when you see results.

The reason most people don’t see results
is because they don’t do enough, they think
that if they exercise 3 times a week for 1 month
they will look like a fitness magazine model.

If you want to get results in anything you need
to practice, just like fitness if you do it when you
feel like it you will keep getting the same results.

Physical fitness is a way of life, not something you
do when you get out of shape or fat, to get results
you need to do something everyday.

Don’t expect results overnight, if you work hard
and your health and fitness is important to you
you will enjoy an active lifestyle.

If you are in it for the short term don’t even
bother your just wasting your time, and you
will never get the desired results.

Train Hard,

Johnny G

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