You need to train every day.

You need to train every day.

If you think you will get in good
shape working out 3 days week
think again, you need to exercise
as much as possible and stop
worrying about burn out.

Your body will respond to almost
any type of training and will
adapt to the hardest training

Everyday doesn’t have to be
a world record performance
but the key is to do something
everyday, and have fun.

You don’t need to make your
training complicated you need
to make it as simple as possible
and you will be rewarded
for your efforts.

Training with short intense
training sessions will give you
the results you need.

You will burn more fat, become
more athletic if you use
your body the right way –
the way it’s supposed to be used.

You need to start thinking about
what the body needs and the
benefits you will receive by
using short but intense training

Try this workout:

Walk off 20 yards.

Get in pushup position, do a pushup
rest your chest on the ground
explode up – sprint 20 yards-
turn around – drop down in to a
pushup explode and sprint 20 yards.

Your chest should touch the ground
( you don’t want to use
momentum you want to explode
from the bottom )

Do this for 5 minutes and keep a record.

Train Hard,

Johnny G


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