The Fat get Fatter !!

The Fat get Fatter !!

This is a fact, the fat get fatter- why do the fat
get fatter? Because they look for the easy way
out. They will try anything that makes it easy,
instead of using good nutrition and exercise.

I have actually heard people say that you have
to die of something, they would rather eat
themselves to death than do something good
for themselves- great choice.

You fat asses will do every diet out on the
market and will fail and they will continue
to fail, then they will give up and look for
some excuse, I tried, I don’t have the time
to eat good and exercise, my whole family is

This is the problem ,excuse after excuse, if
you would take responsibility for your life
you would change this, it’s a matter of life
and death.

Stop being so weak minded and do what needs
to be done. Live a little longer and happier.

Johnny G

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