Stay away from the complainer !!!!

Stay away from the complainer !!!!

I hate being around a complainer, they have an
excuse for everything. Real men or wildmen take
responsibility for their lives- they blame no one
but themselves.

A wildman will do whatever it takes to get ahead
as long as it’s honest and you are not stealing
from people.

Most complainers want you to feel bad for them
so they want to tell you their hardships, stay
away from these people and don’t get sucked in
to this trap, these people are everywhere.

It’s o.k. to help a friend, it’s o.k. to give advice but
don’t get sucked in keep your distance and focus
on your goals.

If the complainer happens to be a family member
or your best friend be careful how much time you spend
with these people, these people can stress you out and
you will suffer in the long run.

Mental health is very important to your training and your
health so do what is needed to protect your mind and
body and focus on what you want.

Train Hard,
Johnny G

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