Bodyweight training and stress.

Bodyweight training and stress.

A couple of weeks ago I moved out of South Jersey to the
center of PA to improve the quality of life for my family
to a more slower paced lifestyle.

But, a move like this can be very stressful and this is
where it’s important to maintain your lifestyle of good
nutrition and exercise.

When your lifestyle changes the body needs to fight the
stress to stay healthy and you need to make sure that
your body doesn’t break down.

Stress starts out mentally and will affect you physically if
not taken care of, this is why great nutrition and exercise
is so important.

Bodyweight training comes in handy when you have so
much going on and not a lot of time, remember any
exercise is better than none at all.

A quick pushup/ squat workout can do the trick and you
can do it anywhere. You can go for time or for reps it
doesn’t really matter.

Try this for a quick pick me up and it will only
take 5 to 8 minutes:

Do as many pushups as possible than get up and
do squats but however many pushups you did
double up on the squats.

If you do 50 pushups you do 100 squats then next
set if you can only do 35 pushups you do 70 squats.

Repeat this until you feel you have had enough and
there’s no rest you do pushups then squats then
pushups then squats until your done.

Train Hard,

Johnny G

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