Are hills great for burning fat ?

Are hills great for burning fat ?

Walking hills will burn fat at a faster pace
than walking on a level surface because it
takes more energy to walk up hills then
on a level surface.

But this is only true to a point. If your body
is used to walking hills and you still eat bad
your results will be the same as if you were
walking on a level surface.

For hills to be effective you must use the hills
as a change up- meaning walk or run level surface
then walk or run a hill.

Your body will adapt to almost any type of stress
that you give it, so you need to trick the body on
a regular basis to keep making gains for fitness
and weight loss.

I’ve seen people that walk all the time up and down
hills and are very fat, and the number 1 reason is that
they are used to this type of exercise, not to mention
that they probably don’t eat very well.

So when it comes to hill training don’t over do it, use
them smart, and train by mixing it up.

Train Hard,

Johnny Grube

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