Pushups and pushup bars will build great strength.

Pushups and pushup bars will build great strength.

If you want to improve the number of pushups that you
can do and if you want build a more powerful and lean
body you need to read this article.

Many people are starting to see the benefits there is
to include pushups into their workouts, pushups are
not just for a warmup or a cool down, they can be a
serious workout.

Pushups will help to build the entire body by working
it as one, the body must use alot of muscles in order
to do a pushup.

One thing you can do to improve the number of pushups
you can do is by using a little piece of equipment that most
men had at one time or still have in a closet somewhere.

Pushup bars- pushup bars are a great way to improve the
number of pushups you can do by letting you stretch farther
then if you just put your hands on the floor.

Using pushup bars will help you build a powerful lean muscular
body. And the way the hands are positioned will relieve stress
on the wrists.

The great thing about pushup bars are they are cheap or you
can make your own out of PVC pipe and you can benefit from
this simple piece of equipment.

If you look around you will see different types of pushup
bars on the market but the simple 5 to 10 dollar pushup
bars in any sporting good store will do the trick.

You can switch the position of the bars and by switching
the position the muscles will be worked different this is how
strength is built.

You can use them wide, close, angled, vertical, horizontal,
knuckles facing to the front, or you can get a great triceps
workout by facing your knuckles toward you.

You can make it harder by elevating your feet on a chair or
harder yet a swiss ball.

You can improve your one arm pushups by setting one bar out
real wide and using the wide one as a guide while you use
the other arm as the pushing arm.

Try 50 in a row but switch position every 10 you do.
1×10 knuckles facing out.
1×10 knuckles facing out but wide.
1×10 knuckles facing front but wide.
1×10 knuckles facing front bring one bar in close keeping the
other wide and work one arm harder.
1×10 knuckles facing front bring the other bar in and put the
other out wide.

The key is to don’t come off the bars or come out of the pushup

Train Hard,

Johnny G

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