A quick jumping jacks and pushup workout!

A quick jumping jacks and pushup workout!

If you are running late and need to squeeze in a quick
but a very effective workout than you need to try this
results producing workout.

Don’t think that short workouts are a waste of time, any
type of workout is helpful.

The great thing about the quick workout is they can be
done at a moments notice and they take no planning at

If you are creative and know how to use bodyweight
types of exercise you will never need to find a gym

Here’s the short but simple workout:

25 jumping jacks.
10 pushups

Do this as fast as possible for at least 5 minutes.
If you can do it for 10 minutes that’s even better.

In 10 minutes going as fast as possible you could
get around 500 jumping jacks and 250 pushups
and that’s a pretty good workout for most.


Simple but very effective.

Train Hard,

Johnny G

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