Punch proof abs!!!

Punch proof abs!!!

Here’s are subject everyone seems to care about- how to
get abs. A great set of abs looks great, but if they do
nothing but look good what good are they.

Your abs and your lower back ( the core ) needs to be
strong and functional for real life strength if you are more
concerned about looks then find a mirror and stand in
front of it.

I personally never focus on my abs, they are built with
the other types of training I do, and this type of training
has given me punch proof abs.

Their are a few people that subscribe to this newsletter
who have seen many people wind up and throw a punch
as hard as they can at my chest and abs only to have
their hand and wrist get the worst of it.

I don’t do situps but they are good for you, I train my
body as one and this makes the entire body strong
and functional.

I will be coming out with a manual very soon called
The Iron Core ( The keys to great over-all strength ).
Having a strong core is the key to great strength and
this is a fact. To get a very strong core you need to
engage the abs in almost every exercise and when
you train using your own bodyweight you almost
always need to engage the core.

A great core and stability builder I use is a medicine
ball and a thick dowel rod.

The exercise is simple – lay the ball on the floor lay
the dowel across the medicine ball stabilize yourself
and do 5 to 10 pushups and do this for 5 sets do the
pushups slow and steady if you don’t the stick and
ball will kick out on you if you don’t stay strong.

For you that can’t do the pushups just hold the position
for time rest and continue.

If you want to get a strong core any of the manuals I have
will strengthen your core.


Let me know how you make out.

Train Hard,

Johnny Grube

P.S. For the people that don’t have any of my manuals what
are you waiting for ? Check out some of the testimonials on
my testimonials page and I have a ton more.

If you want to stay weak that’s ok, but you don’t have to.

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