Train everyday.

Train everyday.

Training everyday is the key to real life physical fitness, you
heard right train everyday.

I always hear people complain that they have to go the gym
or I no longer have the time to workout,these are just excuses.

Training everyday will build a habit, it will become part of your
everyday life. Training will become just like brushing your teeth
or taking a shower.

Training everyday will give you better results in the long run,
because over time you will be training more intensely but shorter
workouts mean more time to recover.

If most people train for 1 hour 3 times a week that’s 3 hours
of time working out but most people don’t train for a full
1 hour there’s down time, resting in between sets doing light
cardio workout.

So lets say a person that trains for 1 hour is really training for
maybe 45 minutes and that’s being nice most people don’t put
in 30 minutes of good hard work so 45 minutes 3 times a week
2 hour and 25 minutes.

But if you train real intense with little or no rest for 15 minutes
in a weeks time you will have trained for almost 2 hours so
you save 25 minutes a week training harder and more intense.

Training short and intense will burn more fat over the long haul
and will build lean workable muscle, not to mention quicker
recovery time.

Train Hard,

Johnny G


  1. Do you still train this way johnny? Do you do pull ups , push ups, squats still? Cheers

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