Take responsibility for your eating habits !

Take responsibility for your eating habits !

There are so many diet books on the market today
and everyone thinks that this is it, the diet of all

Stop fooling yourself. No diet long term is going to
work for you. Millions of people go on diets every
day some lose some don’t, but long term most
people fail and it’s your fault.

You choose the food you eat, you choose what to
drink. There’s no magic formula just plain old
common sense.

If you like to eat junk food what do you think
will happen in the long run?

The law to life long weight control and health
is eat foods that are natural, do you know some
people would rather die than give up eating the
foods that make them sick… that’s bad.

If your life revolves around food don’t bother
trying to change it won’t happen.

Johnny G


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  1. I agree. No matter how long and hard you exercise, you simply have to include a sensible eating plan as part of your program, if your goal is to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass. Naturally, you’d wanna make sure that your healthy eating habits are not a “diet” but something you enjoy, thus making it easy to stick to in a long run.

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