A quick game for improved fitness.

A quick game for improved fitness.

For some of you getting in shape is no
fun. Fun is the key to getting in great

So it’s important to find ways to make
getting fit fun. One way to have fun
make getting in shape a game, challenge

A quick game can be played using a pair
of dice. Use one of the die as the number
of sets and the other as the number of reps.

Pick two or three different bodyweight
exercises and roll the dice.

For an example you could use pushups,
squats, and situps, roll the dice and start
the game.

If one die is easy double or triple the number,
for example if you roll a 6 triple it do 18 it’s
a fun and simple game.

Set a time limit 5, 10, 15 minutes or longer.

Train Hard,

Johnny G

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