Burn off abdominal fat naturally in 7 minutes a day.

Burn off abdominal fat naturally in 7
minutes a day.

This seems to be an on going problem,
men andwomen trying to lose unwanted
abdominal fat, and there might be an answer.

Most t.v. infomercials will have you believe that
any and every new abdominal gadget on the
market will burn off all abdominal fat in just
minutes a day.

But some experts will tell you that you can’t
spot reduce, meaning that just by doing crunches
you won’t lose the body fat around your middle.

If you look at all the infomercials at the bottom
of the t.v. screen you will see that you need to
eat a low calorie diet for these gadgets to

So they got you to spend alot of money on
a gadget that won’t work unless you change
the way you eat anyhow.

So do you really need these high priced t.v.
exercise machines or could you get the same
results at home and save yourself alot of

You already know that you need to lower your
overall calories to lose fat but you also need
exercise to keep your muscles strong and

I have known men and women that try to eat
good but don’t exercise, they lose weight, but
the weight they lose is muscle.

These men and women think that what the
scale has the answer, most of the time the
scale doesn’t give you the right answer.

I have seen alot of fat men that got thinner
meaning that they did lose weight, but they
didn’t exercise, and they still were fat around
the abdominal and most have no idea how to
correct this situation or they won’t listen.

If you have time to do a 7 minute abdominal
workout that’s great, but won’t it make more
sense to use that 7 minutes to work the whole
body and burn more fat then isolating one
muscle group.

In 7 minutes you could almost run a mile or do
a bodyweight circuit that will work the entire
body as well as the abdominals.

Try this simple workout and see what a bodyweight
circuit can do for you.

Do 1 minute of jumping jacks.
Do 1 minute of abdominal crunches.
Do 30 seconds of pushups.

Do this for 7 minutes with no rest and see how
this works, this will burn fat all over and will
help build lean muscle and you will burn
fat for a longer period of time.

If you eat as natural as possible these types of
bodyweight circuits will burn fat at a record pace.

Train Hard,

Johnny Grube

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