30,500,000 is the number of diet books or the word book or diet comes up on google.
Why am I tell you this? Because it’s impossible to have even close to that many ways to
eat for fat loss, health,strength it’s a scam and has been for years.

But there are some real great advice in some.  I won’t listen to most doctors , when it
comes to health and fitness unless it’s their speciality and they live what they preach.
However most don’t. Not to long ago I met a  man that looked like a power lifter 
and as we talked I found he was a vascular surgeon. His belly bulging and not looking
very fit.

So a fat guy ‘ a vascular surgeon knows the risk, yet he is young and fat. So if
doctors won’t do anything to improve their health why should anyone else?
Well # 1 being fat has become socially acceptable, plain and simple. #2  It’s easier
to sit around and eat all day long then to actually get out and exercise.

I have come up with my version of the way we should eat, or at least a smart way
to eat. Is it a secret ? no. But their is some  key points that you should listen to.
And it will work with anyone. Plain and simple.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


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