You are what you eat.

You are what you eat.

You all have heard that you are what
you eat, this is true.

People that struggle with their weight
and fat loss are usually just kidding

If you are looking to lose fat and build
lean muscle you need to choose better
foods and there is no way around it.

If you think that by dieting and by
taking some fat burners are the
answer you will soon find out that
this will not work for you in the long

Only by living as clean as possible will
you be able to attain the health and
fitness you are looking for.

Clean living means eating natural foods,
drinking plenty of water and getting
plenty of exercise and no drinking alcohol.

Bodyweight training is great for building
lean muscle and burning a lot of fat in a
short period of time.

Bodyweight training will work a lot of
muscles at the same time so you will burn
more fat and build more usable muscle than
you thought possible.

Just like anything it takes time. But if you take
this little advice you will have no trouble feeling
and looking good in no time.

Train Hard, Stay Strong,

Johnny G

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