Training for functional fitness.

Training for functional fitness.

Johnny Grube doing swiss ball and medicine ball pushups

You don’t need a gym to build functional fitness
you can build functional fitness from home with
very little or no equipment.

Some inexpensive equipment you may want to get
is a swiss ball. A swiss ball is a great way to mix
up your training and they are great for building
total body strength.

A couple of medicine balls would be a wise purchase
they also are a serious training tool and they will
help you build a functionally fit body, you can get
get them almost anywhere.

You can work with either or you can use them together
for a complete workout.

What’s great about portable equipment is you can train
almost anywhere when people are buying treadmills,
exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and spend a ton of
money on something they will probably hang their
clothes on boggles the mind.

Now you can get a great workout with little or
no equipment and build a body and a level of fitness
you will be proud of.

Train Hard, Stay Strong,

Johnny G


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