Bodyweight training for strength.

Johnny Grube cranking out some one superman pushups.

Strength training bodyweight style is a whole
different animal. What I mean is when you
train using your own bodyweight you are
training your body naturally the way I think
that it should be done.

By using your own bodyweight your muscles need
to work together to do most bodyweight exercises
and this will build a strength that is different from
the norm.

Being a weight lifter almost my whole life and
working a very physical labor job and switching
to training with bodyweight exercises and still
working a physical labor job the results were
extremely different.

Bodyweight training allowed me the strength
and stamina to do almost super-human feats
in very rough conditions.

So I would try bodyweight exercises if you are
serious about your physical conditioning.

Train Hard, and remember fat people suck.

Johnny Grube

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