Jumping rope is great way to build explosiveness.

Johnny Grube jumping rope.

If you are not including jumping rope in to your
fitness program you are missing out on your
chance to build a high level of fitness.

Jumping rope is a tool that will burn fat, build
coordination, explosiveness, etc.

Jumping rope has been used for years and there is
a reason that it’s still used by elite athletes and that’s
because it works.

Most people aren’t that impressed by the jump rope
if you do practice jumping rope you will notice an
incredible improvement in any sport.

As far as a fat burning tool you will burn more fat
jumping rope then just about any other exercise
you do, jumping rope and bodyweight exercises
will build you into an almost super-human beast.

So for 5bucks get a rope and start using it.

Train Hard, And remember that being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube


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