Johnny Grube using a shaky soccer net
for a little fun.

Johnny Grube having a little fun on a soccer net.

To build strength and have fun you need to
keep an open mind and use what you have
around you for a workout.

You don’t need to carry equipment with you
because you can use equipment you find in
a park or a playground on a football field etc.

If you use a little imagination and are willing
to push yourself you can always have fun with
or without equipment.

A simple soccer net can become a serious work-
out tool, and you can build a lot of strength doing
this type of training.

The soccer net in the video has a square cross bar
with makes me work harder, it works the fingers,
grip, forearms, not to mention the abs.

Remember it’s up to you to find effective ways to
train, and you want to train hard to get the most
from your workouts, so look around see what you
can do to mix it up.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube


  1. Troppo Siciliana says

    awesome site–love it–great training tips you might also like this resource too

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