Bodyweight training will build real
physical and mental strength.

How do we define real strength? What
is real strength? This is pretty much
an opinion, everyone will have a different

Some will say that real strength is how
much you can lift or how many times you
can lift an object.

Strength has many definitions and they’re
all correct, One type of strength I think
most people forget about is mental
strength and it’s because most men
and women train just to workout and
go through the motions.

They do this because society say’s we
need exercise, so we exercise. But
they have no goals, other then lose
weight, this is a goal but it takes more
then just wanting to lose weight to
have an effective exercise program.

Almost any athlete at any level needs
more mental strength than physical
strength because what you lack in physical
strength you can make up mentally.

This is not my opinion it’s a fact. You
can build strength physically and
mentally if you want, and the key
word here is WANT.

So what can you do to build physical
and mental types of strength, you can
step out of your comfort zone and push
yourself a little harder then the day before.

You need to have a goal and see the end
in mind. For instance, if you can only do
50 pushups the next time do 51 and the next
time shoot for 52 and so on, this type of
training will make you stronger physically
and mentally.

Training this way shows you that you are
able to push yourself a little further than
the last, and in the long run will payoff big.

And this will work in all areas of your life,
just pushing a little harder you will start
to build some momentum.

The Wildman Training course or manual
will take you to the next level. You will
build physical and mental toughness.
You will be able to do things you couldn’t
do before. So order now.

Here’s a quick workout that can be
done almost anywhere and will test
you physically and mentally.

Wildman 300 workout # 3

1×100 – 8 count body builders.
1×100 – modified dips ( bench dips ).
1×100 – Hindu bodyweight squats.

Time limit 15 minutes.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

P.S. Do the workout!!!

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