Bodyweight power wheel muscle ups.

Johnny Grube doing bodyweight power wheel muscle ups.

Can you you build an extremely strong core
with little or no equipment ? YES !

I love bodyweight training because all you need
is a little creativity and some balls and you got
yourself a kick-ass workout.

The way the core should be built is by using your
whole body as resistance. This is what will build real
strength, also real ab and back strength.

Real strength is strength that can be used. Not strength
that is built from doing hundreds of crunches or one of
those sorry ass T.V ab machines.

Men with strong cores, And I mean really strong cores
never have to worry about back injuries. Most back injuries
are a result of weak cores and even weaker men.

So don’t always believe the hype. Train for function and
get strong.

Train Hard, And remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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