Building functional fitness with
a kick ball and a brick wall.

Johnny Grube doing some kick ball pushups.

Building functional fitness is not as complicated
as most people are lead to believe. It takes a little
creativity and guts to try different things, things
that you are not used to.

You can use almost anything to get in a great
physical workout. In the video above is a tough
exercise and if you are not careful you’ll get a face
full of asphalt and maybe loose some teeth, so be

But on the good side this type of training will
build a different type of strength and it’s a
strength that involves the whole body.

Bodyweight training can and will build a
a ton of natural strength, if you can handle
your bodyweight in all different angles and
in an unstable enviroment think how strong
and injury free you will become.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

P.S. Check out the wildman training manual and
start building a natural type of strength.

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