Bodyweight training-The keys to burning
fat, building strength and a high level of

For years I read all the books on building strength
and diet books and have come to this conclusion….
Most are the same and they never tell the whole story.

Most books give you one or two ways to work out,
you need a gym some weights and most diet books
are nothing but glorified recipe books.

Building strength, burning fat and building a high
level of fitness is hard work and it takes discipline.
This is where most fall short.

You have heard the saying “anything worth while
is never easy” well when it comes to your overall
health and fitness it’s tough work. But the concept
is simple. Go out and have a good time, eat natural
foods, train outdoors in your environment.
Breathe in some fresh air enjoy the day.

Change is the key to constant improvement.
Change your workout as much as possible.
Never let your body get used to your workout,
if itdoes progress stops.

If you change your workouts as much as possible
you will continue to make great gains, you will
burn a lot of fat, build a lot of strength and a
high level of fitness in a very short amount of time.

By changing your workouts you ‘ll never get bored.
You’ll want to train. And the more progress you
see the more you’ll want to workout.

Eat as natural as possible. Stay away from junk
food. This is a guaranteed way to burn fat, fast.
Simple and to the point. Drink water. Drink water.
Drink.water. I can’t say this enough.

Water is so important that it’s number two on the
list of life. Air, water and food. So drink up.

Let me give you an example of a workouts you
might give a try: Workout EVERYDAY or at least
be active everyday.

Day 1

Morning and evening

Jumping Jacks
Squat thrusts.

1 minute each exercise
No rest.

Day 2

Sprint training

1 minute sprint-walk 1minute.
4 times
30 second sprint- walk 30 seconds.
6 times
15 second sprints- walk 15 seconds.
8 times.

Day 3

Do a 15 minute bodyweight circuit.

25 lunges.
10 Divebomber pushups.

Try for 15 minutes.

Day 4

Go for a hike. Or go for a bike ride.

Day 5

Wildman run

Find a park , and a place for pullups.

250 pushups.
50 pullups.
50 burpees.
2 mile run.

This can be done however you want to just
as long as you complete it. And always keep
You can get workouts like this in The
Wildman Training program or course.

And don’t forget to check my blog for new
videos and

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

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