Bodyweight training – Bear crawls a 100 lb
heavy bag and a steep ass hill.

Johnny Grube Building some strength.

The great thing about bodyweight training is
that if you use your creativity there is no end
in what you can accomplish.

Here I’m using a 100 lb heavy bag and a steep
hill. This was a kick ass workout.

The key to building lasting strength is to always
look for new ways to train. You never want your
body to know what’s going to hit it.

Having fun is also important. If you make it fun
you will continue to train hard. You will continue
to get great results.

The bear crawl is a tough exercise by it’s self but
when you add a steep hill and a 100 lb heavy bag
and use gravity you get a training tool you can use
all the time.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks !

Johnny Grube

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