Real life functional fitness.

Johnny Grube Hitting the woods for some log deadlifts.

Building functional fitness can be fun. Building
real life functional fitness is what total body
strength is.

If you can build real life functional fitness you
will build a kind of strength that only the truly
fit have.

Bodyweight training will build that type of
functional fitness. Using odd objects, sand bags
rocks, logs whatever you have will do too.

No one is more functionally fit then a laborer.
Laborer’s have a different kind of strength that
gym rats just don’t have.

Bodyweight training will allow you to build a great
deal of strength. Not to mention, a load of natural
power that only comes from using your own body-
weight as resistance.

The truly fit and strong know what a truly functional
man can do. Only the stupid and the arm chair experts
think they know.

If you want to know what it is to build functional strength
work all week doing a labor type job and tell me how you

When building functional strength have fun keep an open
mind and build strength that only real men know.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks!

Johnny Grube

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