Goals are important for continued growth.

Goals are very important, and we should always
have goals. Without goals you will never be able
to get where you are going.

Most of you probably say you have goals, but
unless they are written down they are nothing
more then thoughts.

You need to establish goals in all areas of your life.
How many of you actually set yourself any type of

Fitness and health goals are very important. With
great health and a high level of fitness your life will

I always set myself fitness and health goals. Recently
I set a goal of 600 Prisoner squat thrusts in 1 hour.
Prisoner squat thrust- (Non- jumping burpee with a

I did the 600 Prisoner squat thrusts in 56:57 and it was
tough. But once I started there was no quitting. I have
a saying ” I’d rather die then give up” Stupid, maybe, but
that’s the way I train.

Always have a goal and do whatever it takes to complete
your goal. Work hard and never quit. The success that comes
from fitness and health goal accomplishment also will carry
into other areas of your life.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube


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