Nature’s Laws

What is natures laws? And why should I care
about natures laws? Nature’s laws is what
will make or break us. If we don’t live
by natures laws we will pay the
ultimate price.

Natures laws don’t care who you are, how
much money you have, how good you are.
If you go against the laws you will suffer.
I’m talking about the way you live your life.

Most people spend the first half of their lives
killing themselves and the second half trying
to live longer. Natures law say’s if you treat
your body and take your health for granted,
your body will let you know. Heart disease,
cancer, diabetes and obesity is consuming
us and most are self induced.

Today talking about nutrition is like talking
politics and religion people become very touchy
on the subject. And usually the one’s that are
touchy and sensitive are the ones that can’t
take control of there lives.

The way you live, the way you eat and the way
you relieve stress usually will have the biggest
impact on your health and well being.

I don’t care if I offend anyone these are the
facts, everyone will have their own opinions
and that’s fine, you are entitled. But the
fact remains if you follow today’s hype of
how we should eat and live there’s a good
chance you will become fat, sick and diseased.

If we live as simple as possible and eat what is
natural and do what nature has intended, the
body will take care of it’s self.

I will continue with this in the next newsletter.

Train Hard, and remember being fat sucks.

Johnny Grube

Try this simple workout:

Jump rope for 30 seconds – do 5 burpees.
Rest 30 seconds.

Repeat for 15 minutes

This is harder than it sounds. Simple but tough.


  1. Justin_PS says

    Hey Johnny!

    I totally agree with you on this one. People just don’t want to hear the truth. We need to say it, even if it hurts or bruises egos.

    I’m trying to get ahead of the curve. I’m not waiting until I’m disease-riddled to start eating right and exercising. The way I look at it, its youth preservation.

    Best wishes in all your endevours,

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